Sidecar Glass Pipes
The sidecar is a classic design as its function and beauty combine to provide a pipe that feels great in your hand and allows for additional smoke space that will not disappoint. If you have never owned one, the time has arrived. Our free shipping for orders over $65 and borosil glass combine to make this price unbeatable.

Sherlock Pipes
All our Sherlocks are blown inside out and are gold or silver fumed! These glass pipes are made of borosil glass and are extra thick. The Sherlocks weigh in at 150 grams and typically take 2 hours to produce. A great addition to any collection and a must have for the true smoker!

These prices – plus free delivery over $65 means that you can buy up to 3 pipes and still not pay a dime for shipping….
Of course the spoons are the most popular, and they’ve earned it. The spoon design is wrestle tested and has been around since the beginning. The thick borosil glass used to craft these pieces is second to none and should not break the first time you drop it. The beautiful spoons below have just been discounted, but we may not be able to keep the prices this low for long. Get greedy and pick your favorite three – with these prices and free shipping how can you not?

The beautiful colors in these pipes constantly change as you smoke and become even more original than they were before. To clean, just place the pipe in salt water and rinse in vinegar. The virgin colors will return.